Store Locator

Help customers find nearby retailers
with WP Store Locator


Easy to Configure

Change templates, marker styles, map languages, address formats and more on the settings page.

Custom Map Styles

Change the colors of the map and create your own unique map style.

Driving Directions

Show customers directions from their location to any of the store locations.

Works in Any Country

Customers can search for stores in any country around the world.


Choose between four different shortcodes to show the store locator, a simple store map, the address details or the opening hours.

Retina Markers

Choose between 9 retina ready markers that will look sharp on normal and retina displays.

Mobile Friendly

The templates are responsive and will work on all devices.

Translation Ready

WP Store Locator is ready to be translated into your language and is compatible with multilingual plugins like WPML and qTranslate X.

Developer Friendly

WP Store Locator uses a Custom Post Type and comes with almost 30 different filters.

If your a business and have a product that other businesses carry you can tell your visitors what vendors are carrying your product, where they are located and phone number. You can put your full address in and even get directions. Store locators are a must for busy people with no time to mess around trying to find the location of where the product is sold.